Music Production Summer School

ICMP’s Music Production Summer School provides the opportunity to learn, create and perform with like-minded electronic music fans. You’ll learn how to create music using the industry standard software and how to streamline your creative process in our fantastic London facilities.

In this course, you will:

  • Gain a strong understanding of Ableton or Logic as a production and performance tool.
  • Build your own tracks using samples and powerful in-built instruments.
  • Create your own drum beats and samples.
  • Understand the importance of adding swing and groove to bring your drum patterns to life.
  • Create chord progressions, melodies and arpeggios.
  • Create your own instruments using any source, allowing you to become independent from pre-made libraries.
  • Understand how to mix and master your tracks.
  • Ableton students will also understand the capabilities of taking their music into a live environment using Ableton Live.

Course length: 5 days

Start date: Monday 27th July

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  • £299.00